14. March 2023
Multi-Local Symposium: Registration, programm & further information
Find all information (including registration and program) about the Multi-Local Symposium (May 10-12 2023 @landuni Drosendorf) below.

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Many of us are familiar with lifestyles that take place in several places. Whether it’s a long-distance relationship, a regular stay in the home region, a second home in the “countryside,” not moving completely away to study, or a further residential location due to work. Living in several places is not only an issue in broad sections of society, but also in science, politics and, when it comes to multi-locality in rural areas, regional development.

This alternation between presence and absence leads to special challenges for the area and for living together in a region. At the same time, there is hidden potential not only in multi-local lifestyles themselves, but also in dealing with the issue. After all, multi-locality combines many of the most pressing issues in rural areas: mobility, land use, affordable and future-oriented forms of housing, social infrastructure, community life, tourism, etc.

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All these perspectives are part of the 1st Multi-Local Symposium from May 10-12, 2023. We are looking forward to numerous registrations from academia, planning practice and politics as well as all other interested participants.

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We are pleased to have great speakers from academia, research and regional planning provide us with interesting input on multilocality.


On Thursday (May 11) and Friday (May 12) morning, inspiring inputs from experts such as Johanna Lilius (Aalto University), Arthur Kanonier (TU Wien), Tatjana Fischer (BOKU), Jakob Eder (FFG) or Nina Koth (Rurasmus) await us. Topics such as mobility, gender and digitalization will be covered and an insight into concrete implementation examples will be given.

The three-day symposium is organized as part of the research project “Spatial possibilities for action in the context of multilocality and rural areas”. The project results will be presented at noon on Thursday (May 11) and discussed with Lena Greinke (University of Hannover) and Sibylla Zech (TU Wien).

In addition, the results of the project “Aussilahna & Hoamkema” will be presented on Thursday (May 11) evening. Afterwards, Elisabeth Gruber (University of Innsbruck) and Sandra Schwarz (RMOÖ), among others, will speak on the podium about different perspectives on presence and absence in rural areas. Participation on Thursday evening is free of charge.


Thursday (May 11 ) afternoon will be dedicated to networking and exchange. In workshops by Felicitas Nadwornicek (neuland21 e. V.), Jakob Eder, Marlies Stohl and Magdalena Leovac (FFG) as well as Lukas Dierer (spatial planner) and Christina Jaritsch (Salzkammergut 2024) we will work together on current issues around multilocality in rural areas.


Participation and tickets

Registration is required in order to attend. In addition to regular tickets, one-day tickets are available for people who do not attend the entire symposium. For students, unemployed people and people from Drosendorf there are reduced tickets*. The participation fee includes meals (lunch, dinner, coffee breaks).

Ticket prices:

Ticket pass regular (May 10-12) – € 179,00
Ticket pass discounted* (May 10-12) – € 69,00
Day ticket – € 89,00
Day ticket discounted* – € 39

Participation at the public event (Thursday, May 11, 18h) is free of charge.

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Organizational information

May 10-12, 2023

at the landuni Drosendorf

Schlossplatz 1

2095 Drosendorf

Arrival and departure

The landuni at Schloss Drosendorf is about 2 hours away from Vienna and can be reached regularly by public transport.

Places to stay

MOKA Hotel (right next to Schloss Drosendorf)

Gasthof Failler (about 5 minutes walk to Schloss Drosendorf)

Gasthof zur Hammerschmiede (approx. 15 minutes walk to Schloss Drosendorf)

For 8 students there is the possibility to stay in two four-bed rooms at Schloss Drosendorf at a reduced price. If you are interested, please contact us.

If you have any questions or if we can help with planning, please contact us at: